How to Obtain Organization

Organization is a difficult boundry to overcome. It affects your life-style and makes your daily tasks easier or harder to accomplish. Based on my personal experiences, I have much trouble keeping my belongings and work neat. Especially regarding schoolwork, I find that if my notes and papers are unorganized, then it is harder to keep up with my work. One of the leading influential factors for me is time. The amount of work I have and the difficulty to manage this work influences my skills in organization. This can be observed in the order in my room. Because I am restricted in time, my management skills become tainted and organization becomes impossible. Based on this, I believe time is very much connected to organization. When you are limited to time, organizing is nearly impossible. The best way to manage everything in a neat way is to make sure you assign a certain amount of time to take care of all that needs to be organized. This will lead to an easier way to manage all the tasks you come in contact with everyday.

~ by Across the Universe on January 30, 2011.

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