Preparing for the SAT…

As Juniors in high school, all of us are approaching the time to take the SAT testing. The SAT is a standardized test required for the admission to many colleges and universities. There are three sections on the test: mathematics, critical reading, and a writing section. The highest score possible on each section is a score of 800, making the best possible score to achieve a 2400. With the stress and pressure to do well, all students must be able to find effective ways to study. Practice is necessary and the more you obtain, the better chances you will have to succeed with a great score. Why is your score important? Many colleges require certain scores in order to be accepted. Therefore, if you wish to attend a competive school, you need to obtain high SAT scores. But how do you study for these tests? It is suggested to use practice books, and/or attend classes/tutors to help raise your score. If anyone has any suggestions on studying for the SAT, please let me know! thanks 🙂

~ by Across the Universe on January 29, 2011.

One Response to “Preparing for the SAT…”

  1. Now there are a lot of sources online. ISEE Test, SSAT Test Score Test Prep. Anxiety, Test Taking, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, BAR, MCLEX, ASVAB, ASWB, NCE, Praxis, Counselor Exam, Engineering Exam, Engineer Exam, Social Work Exam, and more… The students are very lucky. Because of many sources can be easily.

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