Junior Year

Junior Year has brought about fun and not-so-fun moments so far this year. On a positive note, I feel like I have become closer with a lot of people. In freshman year, you meet the people who you are gonna spend the rest of your high school life with. By junior year, you have established many friendships and you find yourself part of a new family 🙂 I have made some of the best friends I could ever have in my high school experience and junior year has only strenghtened these friendships! Also, in my opinion the classes are a much more relaxed atmosphere. We have already passed two years in the school, and at this point, we know the daily schedule. This has made it easier for me to adjust to the school year. On the other hand, the stress to do well in school and get ready for the SAT test is a big worry for all juniors. College searching is also a huge pressure that can stress a student out. The most important aspect to remember is to try to make the best out of your experiences this junior year. We are already half way done with the year, so it is important to spend the rest of your year doing things you will remember and will make your year the best it could be!

~ by Across the Universe on January 30, 2011.

One Response to “Junior Year”

  1. Hey Jenna! I completely agree with you on how junior year has been fun and then not fun at all. I have just been stressing out on my grades, SAT, tests/quizzes and of course college and forgot to make junior year the best I can. However, when I read you post, you made me see that there is only one junior year and I should try to make it the best I can and just enjoy it. Thank you! So from now on, I’m not going to stress a lot and overthink! :]

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