Life Decisions

“There is no limit for opportunities. Just because you lost an opportunity doesn’t mean it won’t come back. In another time and place, it will come back.”- Jay Park.

When roaming around facebook, I noticed this quote as my friend’s status. I never heard this before, but after rereading it, I found great meaning in the quote. This saying means that even though an oppertunity may pass, it will not be your only chance. You will make decisions that sometimes may not be for the best, but there will always be more oppertunities in the future. You can always change the path you are on and make changes that can reverse your past actions. Just because you make one decision now, doesn’t mean you will be stuck with the decision for a lifetime. You face decsions every day in life, and the choices you make will change your future. Don’t let one bad decision break you! You will encounter many decisions in your lifetime and the mistakes you make will only teach you to make better decisions in the future 🙂

~ by Across the Universe on March 1, 2011.

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