New Licensed Driver ;)

Yesterday I took my first drive alone as a licensed driver. This stepping stone has given me an oppertunity to become involved in society and a part of the driving community. As a new driver, I was still unsure about my abilities on the road. Before I got into the car I thought “What if I was in an accident?…What if I get pulled over?” These questions roamed my mind as I entered the car alone for the first time. Then I went on to the road, and suddenly all my fears went away. You can’t let fear stop you. Fear will only keep you from success. Therefore I allowed my self to move ahead and try this new freedom. I have never felt so independent. It becomes your responsibility for your well being and the others around you, and I suddenly saw myself become more mature. I can now consider myself a part of the adult world. I am in full control and decisions I may make on the road will have impacts on myself and those surrounding me. I learned that safety is of key importance. It is great to have fun and take advantage of this new freedom, but you must always remember safe driving before anything else. Passing the road test is one of the greatest accomplishments of young adults. You can not imagine the independence you will gain and the possibility of entering a new world until you take your first drive on the open road on your own.

~ by Across the Universe on March 5, 2011.

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