The Future Seniors

As Juniors this year, the students graduating in 2012 have just moved to the position of upperclassmen in high school. Does being an upperclassman change you? As I am experiencing now, being an older member of the school has very much changed me. When you come into a new school, or even during the second year, you are cautious and still unsure about your surroundings. This year I feel totally comfortable to make my own decisions and am accustomed to the regular daily schedule. With junior year, I also see the starts of “senioritis”. Although it is important to still do well, especially in SAT test taking, I feel as if many juniors seem to care less and take on lazy habits. At this point we have all worked so hard to  reach junior year, that it becomes overwhelming. Although you can not let your hard-earned grades slip,  make time to have fun and for moments that you will always remember. Try to hold up with the hard work as long as possible because as soon as you know it, we will be entering senior year. As upperclassmen, we must be a role model to all those coming into the school and make our last two years the best they could be! So savor junior year but be excited for the next year to come, because we can surely make it amazing! 😀

~ by Across the Universe on February 8, 2011.

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