In freshman year, you come into high school entering a new time of your life. You form the person who you will become and decide the paths you will take in the future. My biggest influence in high school has been the friends I have made over the past three years. I came into freshman year into classes where I knew absolutely nobody. Some of the people I met that year have became my best friends. Entering high school is already a challenge and includes establishing your own group of friends. Freshman year and Sophmore year greatly expanded my group of friends. These people who you become close to during your high school experience are the background to your success. These are the people who help you through the rough times all teenagers will face and the difficult decisions you need to make. Your friends will influence you in good or bad ways, depending on the group you put yourself into. Choose wisely in deciding your friends, for it will be their influence that will greatly make up the decisions you make. A friend is somebody you can trust, so make sure the friends you choose are the ones who will always be there for you. Always be open to new friendships for you never know when a friendship will start. This year I started talking to someone who has become one of my closest friends. Just by getting to know someone, you might find yourself able to connect very well to this person. Therefore be open and try to meet new people because you never know the friendships that are possible!

~ by Across the Universe on February 6, 2011.

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