AP Testing

For the next two weeks, students will be taking thier Advanced Placement course tests. An AP test allows for a student to test on college material in the possibility of being exempted from taking that course in college. With this challenge, students work vigorously in order to meet the highest score, a 5. Unlike regular exams, an AP test covers an enormous amount of information. Not really knowing what to study more or less, it is your responsibilty to know everything, although extremely difficult. This year I am taking the United States History AP exam. This test covers U.S. history from the days of the Pilgrims to current day America. With so broad an area of study, it takes a lot of work and effort to plan studying methods and ways to remember the information. On top of the regular assigned work from school, AP’s are adding to the stress of the week. :/ Good luck to everyone taking AP tests!

~ by Across the Universe on May 2, 2011.

One Response to “AP Testing”

  1. Yeah the A.P test did add stress to most students but fortunately as it turned out the test wasn’t all that difficult. 🙂

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