Spring Arrives But Time Keeps Going…

Along with the change in seasons, my life, and everything is changing so quickly. You never realize how fast time goes until you look back and see that you’re already 3/4’s of the way through junior year, almost 3/4’s of the way through your total high school experience. This realization is quite scary because you think back to all the decisions you made. All the mistakes. All the amazing times. All the people who have made such a big impact in your life. And then you realize…you can’t rush time. I always wish for the next day to come…for the weeks to pass by as fast as possible. But really, you need to savor every minute because you may miss your chance to live fully through all these good times. The times you may spend just doing simple things with friends or normal daily activities may not seem important now but when you look back on it, you’ll realize how influential and important it was in your life. So notice the things around you now and don’t let them pass unremembered. You may not realize until much time has passed, but many of your greatest memories will be made in these years 🙂

~ by Across the Universe on April 8, 2011.

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