Leaving into College :O

As the final months of the school year approaches, 2011 seniors are making their final decisions on where they will be going away to college! Having a close senior friend, I have witnessed the extreme stress of colleges throughout senior year. From applications to interviews to acceptance/rejections, the entire college experience is one that can be exciting but nerve rattling at the same time. By seeing my friend go through this process this year, I now know the burdens of senior year that await. The hardest part now is watching my friend prepare to leave and enter a place away from the normal high school schedule. You know when you are so close to someone that losing them seems not real? It’s like that in so many ways. Having you’re amazing friend leave a large part of your life is too scary to consider. I really will miss his so much ❤ But on another note, you need to be happy because college is a new start – a fun beginning. So no matter how hard it may be to hide the pain of missing a friend, you need to celebrate with them for it really is an amazing accomplishment! And when you have such a strong friendship, you know it will last 🙂 And that brings me to my last point…next year! Watching my friend experience senior year, I know what will come my way real soon. An intense year awaits..stressed already but excited at the same time? Who knows what will happen but everyday the class of 2012 comes closer and closer to becoming the new seniors 😀

~ by Across the Universe on March 29, 2011.

One Response to “Leaving into College :O”

  1. I cant wait for senior year!!! I feel like applying to colleges are going to be stressful but I am so excited to start the process. I always wonder where I am going to end up and if I am going to stay in touch with anyone form high school. I cant believe the time is almost here for all of that to start!!

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