What A Night :)

SATURDAY NIGHT HOME…BORED…WHAT DO YOU DO? Having an amazing friend or two come over is the best way to make your weekend. Like a knight in shining armor, my friend came to rescue me from my boredom this weekend. When you’re sitting on your couch alone and get a text that someone is going to visit you, it kind of already makes your day. Just to have someone with you sharing the boredom together creates something that isn’t boring, but an amazing time. So what happened this Saturday night? My friends got to meet my very strange family x). If you ever walk into my house, you will encounter my crazy dog. So as shes jumping on top of everyone, I also have my mom asking my friend to fix her calculator, while my brother instructs them in pokemon. All of this = very amusing :D. But truely the best part of the night is just being able to sit and talk about anything. How one conversation can lead to so many laughs and smiles. And how you can just sit there forever going about the drama in our lives and laughing it off together. You can only do that with great friends. So overall the best Saturday night I could have asked for<3 Thank you to my amazing friends for making my weekend so great 🙂

~ by Across the Universe on March 21, 2011.

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