There is an uncountable number of times when I’m concentrating at one moment, and then seconds later zoning into my own world. Fantasy and dreams are indeed better than real life. When I’m overly stressed or worried, I create my own world. Although a distraction at times, it helps me cope with the tramas of real life. Real life comes with problems and conflicts. You have to find your own solutions and work to reach them. In your own make believe world, you can create perfection and no worries. Imagine not having to deal with people trouble or your own internal conflicts? What a perfect world that’d be.That’s why your imagination can take you to a place of your own well-being. But how healthy is daydreaming? Although a source of relief, it is unreal. You can’t let your imagination take too much of your time for then you will lose all chances of making your real life the best it could be. So dream away, but live your real life at the same time!

~ by Across the Universe on March 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Daydreaming?”

  1. I day dream all the time!! Sometimes its not a good thing because I begin to lose focus in school and let my thoughts take me to another place. And sometimes I will be staring into space not realizing that I am staring at someone as I do it and that totally freaks them out. I don’t do it on purpose it just happens. I day dream a lot when I am tired and cant focus on what I ma doing. It always takes me to this perfect world where I wish I could be but the fact of the matter is I am not and i will need to eventually wake up from this day dream and face reality. But it is a nice break for a while.

  2. I believe day-dreaming is perfectly healthy for the body. People need to escape reality for a little bit, day-dreaming is one of the ways they can get away. If I did not day-dream, I would lose all of insanity.

  3. It’s interesting how deep into daydreaming you go into. I do zone out at times due to lack of interest during situations but i for the most part have never created my own world and zoned out for that long. It’s interesting you do that. 🙂

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