Friendships can appear great on the outside, but what’s the truth behind the image?  Personally, my experience in high school has led me to this motto: Be nice to everyone and trust few. Although there is always those people in every group that you know are there only to start drama, you must avoid conflict as much as possible. Drama is the instagator to the end of a circle of friendships. To avoid problems, act kindly even to those who don’t deserve it. Giving attitude just heightens tension and results in more problems. The best tip to remember is to trust very few. Have two to three people you can tell everything, but besides that, it’s best to keep information that you don’t want being spread to yourself. Based on my own personal experiences, when I share too much private information with too many people, I find that things I want to keep a secret, become public news. This is a drama starter. Trust a few really close friends that you know you can rely on and will look out for you. These are the friends that you must cherish for big groups are great to have, but only a few in this group will be your friend forever. Drama leads to heart-brake and saddness but if you take the precautions to prevent it, you may be saving some important friendships!

~ by Across the Universe on March 14, 2011.

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