Friends for Life

In your lifetime, you will always have those friends that will last with you forever, and those who you lose contact with over the years. When I was younger, the people who were in your class were those who you called your “best friends forever”. But in  reality, many of the best friends I made when I was younger are the people I awkwardly pass in the hallway without a greeting or hello. How can things change so much? What I realized is that those were the people you were forced with. When you are restricted to a classroom, friendships develop because of the limitations. Also, people change over the years. Personalities develop, similarities between people differ. It all triggers changes in the people you put yourself with. High School is a whole different matter. In High School you choose who you want to be friends with. Friendship groups develop and at this point, you know yourself, so you can mingle yourself with people who share similar qualities or likes. Still what makes a friendship last forever? Theres not many who will stay with you for a lifetime, but there are many who have made a huge impact on me. My friends help me so much and are my source to get through the tough times and hardships of high school. I consider my friends my second family, and I can’t deal with the fact that some of them are going to be leaving…especially those going off to college next year. Although you may seperate or lose in contact with people, if they are that important to you, you will ALWAYS remember them. All the fun times will always stay with you. So it is important to cherish your friends now, for friendships are hard to withstand time. But if someone is important to you, always try and true best friends will always find a way to stick together! 🙂

~ by Across the Universe on February 21, 2011.

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