The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Every year millions of people are killed by vehicles, posing a supreme threat to the lives who travel on a daily basis. The addition of alcohol to a driver creates immense dangers. This year 10,839 people will die of drunk driving accidents – one person every 50 minutes. This calculated statistic is a scary fact that all drivers must be aware of. With the consumption of alcohol, the necessary functions of psychomotor skills, vision, perception, steering, information processing, and attention are impaired making the tasks of driving nearly impossible to be done safely. If you take in alcohol, it is of the upmost importance to stay off the road. Driving is already a dangerous tasks and alcohol only heightens this danger. If you drink and drive, you cause a possiblity of hurting yourself and others around you. Not only is it dangerous, it is against the law and at any time an officer can check your BAC (blood alcohol content) to test a driver. So before you drive a car under the influence, think about the possible jail time you can face and the risk of you killing yourself or others. It has killed so many in the past, so don’t let this critical issue continue.

~ by Across the Universe on January 9, 2011.

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